Best Dog Food Brands

Giving your pet the best dog is a priority for most of the pet parents, however, sometimes you need to rely on packaged food for ensuring that your dogs are getting the right and optimum nutrients essential for their growth. So, with the pet food industry seeing massive growth in the last 5 years where there are a plethora of dog food options now available for choosing from in the market. Also, the most popular dog food brands that are available in the Indian market may not be the best dog food option for your dog. Below are the best dog food brands.


Pedigree Puppy Chicken in gravy 70g (Pack of 15) - PetNet

This brand’s food used to be the first choice for many dog owners. But things have changed a lot over the years because the quality of the food isn’t up to the mark. The main ingredients in Pedigree dry dog food in chicken or meat, corn, and gluten meal. Using cheap fillers has caused degradation in their food quality. Many dogs are allergic to gluten and meat by-products, bone meal has taken from leftover carcasses which include animal bones, nails, feet, and feathers.


This brand’s first ingredient is fresh meat, however, the nutrient value is reduced to one-fourth after being cooked. The main protein in the food is derived from corn, rice, and other byproducts that are not digestible by the dogs. Also, some byproducts will cause severe food allergy in dogs as well.


This is similar to Eukanuba dry dog food, the fresh meat on its ingredient list which is fresh in terms of its raw nutrient value. The rest of the food composition will include grains, byproducts, and also unknown meat. The non-disclosure of what type of meat being used in the food along with no breakdown of ingredients in the byproducts makes this food highly unsafe for your pet dog. The dog can get an allergic reaction and may not be able to digest the food properly.

Royal Chanin

Cat Food, Nutrition & Care - Royal Canin

This is a widely marketed brand and has been gaining quite popularity in the market. Their main ingredients are rice and it is present in all of their formulas. The second main ingredient is poultry protein which is as per the AFFCO is a result of clean meat. The best thing about Royal Chanin is that it ensures that its ingredients which are high quality and suitable as per the age-specific formulas. Royal Chanin is the best dog food brands.

The above-mentioned brands can be the ideal one to choose the right dog food for your pet according to the breed and age. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best dog food brandsThanks for reading!

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