Its a Dog’s Life With Solvit Dog Products

I don’t know about you, but my little dog is the light of my life and my constant companion. She’s a little crossbred dog of uncertain origins but with an exuberant and joyous outlook on life. I love taking her places: walks in the mountains, the beach, long cycle rides in the countryside. It’s such glorious fun sharing these activities with her.

However, travelling around with her isn’t always so easy. She’s generally quite good in the car, but the other day she spotted a cat on the sidewalk and started bouncing all around in an excited frenzy (she has a thing about cats). This was a bit dangerous and distracting and could’ve resulted in a bit of an accident if there had been any traffic on the road. Fortunately it was quiet so I could stop and calm her down. I decided then and there however, to get a Solvit dog harness for future.

Solvit dog products include a range of Pet Vehicle Safety Harnesses which are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. These harnesses are comprised of comfortable and washable fleece-lined safety vests and manufactured from extremely strong material. I installed the harness with ease (it is attached with full metal connectors and heavy-duty straps). It fits snuggly on my little dog and I feel a whole lot better as it is so much safer travelling with her now. Not only is it safer for me, but it also prevents her from flying across the car if I should suddenly have to brake.

Not only did I get a pet safety harness from Solvit, I also purchased a fabulous waterproof seat cover for my rear seat. This seat cover is fully washable and it prevents my car from getting messed up with muddy paw prints or full of sand when I return from a fun walk on the beach with my dog. It saves me a world of time in terms of keeping my car clean.

My dog is happy sitting in the back seat, but a friend of mine has a little Chihuahua that insists on sitting in the front next to his owner. She bought him a Solvit booster seat, which attaches to either the back or the front seat in a second and can be secured with a seat belt. Little Pedro the Chihuahua now rides along as if he is the King. The basket floor is raised about nine inches from the seat so the little mite can see out the car as he travels. The booster seat consists of a solid basket like structure which has lots of soft padding inside to make it comfortable for Pedro.

Sometimes when I go for long cycles in the countryside, my little dog gets over exhausted and can’t make it. However, Solvit have created a range of excellent bicycle trailers that you can attach to your bike. Now, when my pup gets tired I simply let her sit in her trailer and enjoy the ride while I carry on cycling. Solvit also has bicycle baskets for small dogs and even strollers for those who want to go for long walks or jogs with their pets.

You can also get pet ramps and pet stairs from Solvit if you have a dog that struggles to climb up onto your car or bed. Overall, Solvit dog products can provide you and your pet with a whole lot to ensure your combined happiness.

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