Best Dog Food Brands In India: Choose The Best For Your Pooches

When it comes to our fur babies we want to feed them with the best food and provide them with the highest care possible. But we do need it to be in our budget, at the same time. Fortunately, most universal dog food brands have appeared in India in recent years, so the Indian dog owners have plenty of options to choose from. Here are only a couple of best dog food brands in India.

1. Wild taste

We will highly recommend this brand, because it is India’s only grain-free dog food company. It is high in meat percentage, with its special varieties of fish and duck meat. We may say that this is by far the best in India according to the ingredients used. This brand’s USP is the fact that it has no grains, and uses ingredients of very high quality. Therefore it’s highly recommended for your canine friend. Higher percentage of meat also indicates high protein levels which is very good for your dog’s health. Though a little on the pricey side, every penny spent is definitely worth it. Visit their website and discover what they promise and what the company has to sell.

2. Arden Grange

This is yet another dog food brand, highly recommended in India. Being a European brand it has specifically stated its ingredients. Rich in meat and fresh meat, this brand has just 30 percent cereals in its dog food, mainly rice, which is definitely much better than wheat or corn. Many good stuff like meat, beet pulp, fish oil etc. are also in it. It is even low in fat which makes it a perfect and healthy choice for your canine children. While it may be a little pricey, this can be a great product for your pooch. So if budget isn’t much of a concern, you definitely should go for this one.


With 75% meal in WholePrey rations, ACANA provides a wide variety of free run poultry, wild caught fish, nest laid eggs and ranch raised meats. Acana Heritage range that provides high quality dog food is available in India. Crafted in the award-winning kitchens, ACANA abbreviated from Alberta, Canada and it represents the aim of the company to produce organically appropriate dog food for your pooches. The company’s dog food is outstanding with national and authentically fresh ingredients, which makes good and happy dogs.

So, these are top dog food brands in India which the pet owners respect and demand. Surely you want the best for your pooches and that’s why we’ve given you the top brands list. Hope this article has been helpful to you and will help you make an educated decision when you buy the right dog food for your fur ball.

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